Leaving on a jet plane

At 19, I made my first trip across the Atlantic. Destination–England. Nowhere particularly exotic, but for my first trip out of the country, just the right amount of exoticness. At that point I hadn’t even been in 10 US states, so I was EX.CIT.ED. Original plans had me traveling with Continue reading Leaving on a jet plane

Forgiveness–of self and others

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. I’ve been doing a lot of hiking lately some local, some a little further away. Hiking, especially alone, is always introspective for me. I’d gotten away from it lately, but having covered nearly 30 miles on foot over the last week on the Continue reading Forgiveness–of self and others

The Climb-the tallest peak in Wales

Taking on Wales’ tallest peak A South Carolinian stumbles into a quaint bar somewhere in Northern England. Well, well, isn’t this the set-up for a hilarious punchline! After braving my initial weeks in Stafford, I suddenly feel an overwhelming itch to flee the town. But as a foreigner, I’m as Continue reading The Climb-the tallest peak in Wales