Remembering to remember

Armistice Day Today is (officially) Veterans’ Day in the USA. In the UK it’s known as Armistice Day as it is the day that WWI ended–on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 the guns fell silent. It is a day to remember our soldiers, Continue reading Remembering to remember

More Medical Museums and Surgical History

I LOVE all things related to medicine. Especially the history of medicine and the science that goes along with it. So given that, I was ecstatic to visit 6! nerdy, science-y, medical-y museums in a span of two weeks. Not a super well-known fact, but IRL I am a registered Continue reading More Medical Museums and Surgical History

Semmelweis the scientist

Medical Museum First up in my orgy of medical museums and such is the Semmelweis Museum in Budapest, Hungary.   I feel bad for Semmelweis. He made a major medical discovery, yet couldn’t explain it, so all his colleagues mocked him mercilessly, and then he died… a broken man. Only to Continue reading Semmelweis the scientist

Rome fell but 2770 years later it’s still going strong

One of the chores I detest most is unpacking. It is never ending. I recently discovered my box of travel memories and found photos and other mementos of my trip to Rome [and Italy] over 10! years ago. Time flies when you’re busy traveling the world, writing a blog, going Continue reading Rome fell but 2770 years later it’s still going strong

Cats, Hemingway, and Key West

I have a confession to make that will put me squarely in the literary hall of shame–I have never, not even once, read a book by Earnest Hemingway. It’s not as if I haven’t tried…I just find them incredibly boring, but to have been Hemingway, to have lived a carefree Continue reading Cats, Hemingway, and Key West

Sliding through Suriname

Most people would struggle to place Suriname on a map. In fact, I’d wager most people would point to somewhere in Africa. Suriname is South America’s smallest country. I never planned on popping in Paramaribo, but the chance go truly go off the beaten path lured me in. As a former Dutch Continue reading Sliding through Suriname

Wherein I attempt to be a travel writer in Bogotá

I’ll be the first to admit it: Bogotá was not high on my list of ‘places to visit’. But Colombia’s capital city is a study in contrasts. On one side there is the ultra-modern skyscrapers and modern architecture. On the other side, there are wide, colonial, pedestrian-only plazas dripping with sun and shade Continue reading Wherein I attempt to be a travel writer in Bogotá