Exciting Eats

I am not a chef by any means. Or probably not even the best home cook. But one of my goals for the Peace Corps was to learn how to cook, and I’d say met that goal decently.

The Peace Corps was all about cooking with limited ingredients, limited tools, and unpredictable methods. Thanks to my best PC bud, I managed not only to not starve, but to successfully source ingredients from the market and also enjoy a few succulent meals from time to time. We rarely used actual recipes, but I’ve tried to recreate the meal here.

Once arriving back in the US, I didn’t want to get used to eating out for every meal a la Pre-PC, so I continued learning and growing my cooking skills. If nothing else, it’s moderately healthy food and it makes my co-workers jealous to see the delicious meals I bring to work.

Peace Corps Cooking

  • Peace Corps Spaghetti
  • Peace Corps Beef Burgundy
  • Peace Corps Cream of Chicken Soup
  • Peace Corps Tomato and Carrot Soup
  • Peace Corps Vegetable Soup
  • Peace Corps
  • Peace Corps Crepes
  • Peace Corps Green Beans–2 different ways
  • Peace Corps Pasta Salad
  • Peace Corps Quick Potatoes
  • Peace Corps Stir Fry
  • Peace Corps Chicken Picatta
  • Peace Corps Yogurt Bowl
  • Peace Corps Fajita Bowl
  • Peace Corps Pickles

Recipes from the Prairie Kitchen

  • Burrito Bowls
  • Shrimp and Cilantro Lime Rice