• Auschwitz is one of the most notorious concentration camps.  Nothing can prepare you for the feeling you feel while visiting.  I visited during the 70th anniversary  of the end of WWII. A lot of people won’t visit places like Auschwitz.  Recently, some of the people visiting places like Auschwitz or Pearl Harbor are treating it like Disney World.  I think it’s important for people to visit places like Auschwitz to reflect.  I am not German or Jewish or Polish.  I did not have any relatives who fought in World War II. I do not know a single person who knew any Nazis or Jewish prisioners.  I have no direct connection to any of the events that occured during this period of history.  But I am human. I am part of the human race.  I think it’s important to re-visit places such as these so that tragedies such as these will not happen again.