Currency: Pound Sterling (pounds) £/GBP

Official Language(s): English

Current head of state: Queen Elizabeth II (1953-???), prime minister Theresa May (2016-???

After the United States, England is my most visited country [based on number of entries and exits] , and just when I think I’ve been everywhere, something as of yet undiscovered by me pops up, and I’m off.


London has a lot of museums. A lot! And a lot of those museums have proper art like paintings, sculpture, even photography.  But those are not my favorite museums in London.  My favorites are the quirky one… the ones dedicated to a singular idea or profession like transportation or hospitals. Or surgery. Or Nurses. Or Advertising. Or crime.  Or Freud. Or Sherlock Holmes. Or Banks. Or Rugby.  You catch my drift.  These are some of my favorites:

Harry Potter in London

London has a little bit of everything markets, festivals, Ferris wheels…

  • The London Eye
  • Cat Cafes are Cool
  • Why Shoreditch is my favorite neighborhood in London
  • Sporting London

Places in England that aren’t London

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