*We* are the champions. Of the world.

Serendipity:  the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for Merriam-Webster dictionary My history with Football Once upon a time, I decided to jump into the world of “soccer” (or football, as it’s supposedly called) when my foot-eye coordination decided to make its grand entrance. Ah, those Continue reading *We* are the champions. Of the world.

Out and about in Quebec City

Europe. So close, yet so far away. Quebec City is often called the most European City in all of North America. I think it was only proper that I spent my time there with 3 university students from Slovakia. Quebec City stands alone as the only walled city still in existence in Continue reading Out and about in Quebec City

Happy Birthday Ampelmann

Today is Ampelmann’s birthday.  Let’s all start to sing…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday dear sweet Ampelmann…Happy Birthday to you.  Wait, who/what is Ampelmann, you ask? This is ‘die Ampelmann’.  He is a cult hero, and certainly one of my favorite symbols. EVER. He is Berlin-born and Berlin-bred. Continue reading Happy Birthday Ampelmann

Some beach; Some where

The first time I saw you I was intrigued. There was something there that was definitely missing from the long term relationship I had just ended. We met at the most common of places: my work, not a crowded bar, not at a grocery store, and certainly not anywhere romantic, like Continue reading Some beach; Some where