‘Shit-hole’ countries–where exactly is that

In about six weeks, I am headed for a shit-hole… if one listens to the current president. This presents somewhat of a dilemma because why would one voluntarily give up life ‘in the best country in the world’ to go live and work in a ‘shit-hole’ country? Call me crazy I guess. Continue reading ‘Shit-hole’ countries–where exactly is that

Better Together at Tandem

Tandem opened its doors to the public in August 2014 and its owners have never looked back. The first creperie in the Greenville area has everything one could ask for in a coffee shop/creperie. Fabulous crepes? Check. [Sweet and savory, in case you’re wondering]. Locally sourced coffee? Check. Handcrafted sodas? Check. Continue reading Better Together at Tandem

Be fearless–tips for solo travel

I’m getting really fed up with people who tell me traveling by myself is dangerous.  Don’t go to Africa; you’ll catch Ebola.  Dont’ go to the Middle East; you’ll be kidnapped and beheaded.  Don’t go to Asia; it’s unstable.  Don’t go to Russia; World War III is going to start. Continue reading Be fearless–tips for solo travel