The makings of a registered nurse: part 2

The transition from pediatric registered respiratory therapist to adult registered nurse has been… difficult, to say the least. That First Job Six months after graduation, I’m two months in to my first job. I’m still on new-RN orientation, and question my decision on a daily basis. Nursing is not inherently Continue reading The makings of a registered nurse: part 2

Some beach; Some where

The first time I saw you I was intrigued. There was something there that was definitely missing from the long term relationship I had just ended. We met at the most common of places: my work, not a crowded bar, not at a grocery store, and certainly not anywhere romantic, like Continue reading Some beach; Some where

I May Be Crazy

Life updates Since my return from Italy, my travel and exploration game has been rather lackluster. I’ve had a few trips along the Carolina Coast and ventured up to the mountains a few times, but let’s be honest, nothing that could be labeled as epic. Oh, and to add some Continue reading I May Be Crazy