Holyhead and Anglesey

Ahhh, Holyhead… One of them places where you really feel like you’re at the edge of the world.

Holyhead, on the stunning Island of Anglesey and nestled by the Irish Sea, has long been the starting point for voyages between Wales and Ireland, spanning an incredible 4000 years. This charming town, home to approximately 11,000 people, holds the title of the largest town on the Isle of Anglesey. What’s more, it’s just a stone’s throw away from Bewts-y-Coed, which you may remember from my previous post on Snowdonia. Holyhead, perched on the picturesque Irish Sea, has been a bustling community for over a millennium. A millennium ago, the Welsh locals built the town center around St. Cybi’s Church, and intriguingly, it stands as one of the very few fort cities in Europe with three walls. The fourth wall, originally formed by the Irish Sea, separated the fort from the rest of the world. It’s fascinating to know that such rare three-walled cities are a rarity throughout the entire continent of Europe.

The Vikings (not the Minnesota ones, mind you) totally raided St. Cybi in the 10th century. Can you believe it? Henry IV’s army came along in the 15th century and caused some more damage in a big fuss with a Welsh prince. And as if that wasn’t enough, Oliver Cromwell’s army showed up in the 17th century and completely wrecked the interior. But hey, despite all that chaos, most of the church managed to survive and stay intact. Incredible, right?

Holyhead Mountain

If you’ve ever been to or seen the Cliff of Moher in Ireland, then you kinda get what Holyhead Mountain is. It’s not like a regular mountain with small changes in height, like I initially thought. It’s more like a massive rock formation that’s all surrounded by water.

This is most definitely NOT me, but it was kinda cool to see someone rock climbing on this gorgeous July day

If you’re into rock climbing, look no further! This spot is tailor-made for all you adrenaline junkies out there. Sure, it might lead to a few clumsiness-induced injuries (we’ve all been there), but hey, who said awesome sports come without a few bumps and bruises? Rock climbing is as awesome as it gets, if you ask me! So go ahead, venture into the world of vertical challenges. Just don’t forget your helmet!

On the island where the lighthouse is located… you can see a few of the 400 steps that lead to it
The beautiful and wild Irish Sea at the edge of the world…
Rocks delicately balancing on each other in the shape of a person… I cannot claim this; it was already there when I made my way down to the oh-so rocky beach.

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