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Sometimes I’m really impulsive. Although this ‘decision’ was a big one, even for me

The ink isn’t even dry on my diploma yet in exactly 21 days I will celebrate my last day of work for the foreseeable future and leave the only area I’ve ever called home.  It hasn’t quite sunk in the enormity of the decision I made, only in March,  to pack up my stuff and head to South America. As far as spontaneous decisions go, this was a big one.  Most people save up for months or years to do something like this.  Me, I find a cheap plane ticket, hit ‘buy now’,  and figure out the details later.  Who does that?


I’m at somewhat of a cross roads… finished with my degree yet not sure which path to pursue:  medicine as a physician, medicine as a physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner; I just know that my current career, while somewhat steady, doesn’t bring me the intellectual stimulation I need in order to be truly satisfied in life.


These scrubs and this job will be put on hold for a while.

I begin June with the absolutely incredible knowledge that while I really have no clue what the next year holds for me, I do know it doesn’t involve 12 (or more!) hour shifts or working every single holiday.  I was talking to my best friend last night and he pointed out that 3 weeks from this very moment, I’ll be on another continent… not quite halfway around the world, but still not quite the ability to jump in the car and meet up. It still doesn’t seem real; I still have shifts at the hospital to work, visas to get, vaccines to obtain. I don’t know that the reality of it will really hit until I am on the plane in Charlotte headed for Cacaras. Lots to do between now and then and I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to pull me along by the seat of my pants.


Last time I went away, I was studying and hanging out with these stone guys

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