“Did you here about Jeremy?”

I’m once again in the ICU at the large hospital where Jermey works for my clinical day. The absolute last thing I want to hear about in anything Jeremy did or didn’t do.

My patient is unconscious and ventilated. I’m attempting to draw an ABG to assess the ventilation status of our patient, and well, to practice my ABG skills. They are adequate, but I’m not going to lie, I don’t like hurting people. Even if they are unconscious.

My preceptor for the day is one of the ones engaging in the gossip about Jeremy so I can’t help but hear it.

“No, what is it?’ my preceptor asks

“He and that girl from radiology eloped. On April Fools Day.”

“For real? What is her name anyway?”

“Rachel. Isn’t she like 20 or something?”

“I heard they had only been dating a couple of months”

“Wasn’t he dating someone else though, like recently? I never heard that girl’s name, but I’m pretty sure she worked here. You know, the one where his ex tried to kill the girl”

The gossip about Jeremy and Rachel continue, but I hear none of it. I can definitely say that having a needle in someone else’s arm when you hear about your recent ex’s elopement is one of the worst ways to get that news.

At least I was sitting down.

Maybe now people will stop talking about me without really talking about me. But how does one move on so quickly? I’m barely hanging on to my sanity, and Jeremy is marrying some girl from radiology.

I am hating my life right now.

The Who: Won’t Get Fooled Again

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