I’m in my last 6 month of school. Sometimes it’s stressful. We are almost always in one of the ICUs or sometimes the ER so our patients are never really ‘well’. I still pick up shifts at the satellite hospital where Chris works. That pace is a lot slower, but I’m also a lot more independent there.

I’ve never really mentioned my other job, but I’ve been working at the restaurant since before I started school. I’m a hostess/bartender and train new employees. It’s a fun job and I get heavily discounted food. Bartending is fun. It definitely puts into things into perspective because at the end of a stressful night at the restaurant everyone is always still alive.

A couple shifts ago, Jeremy’s ex showed up to the restaurant. She was yelling! YELLING at me, saying that she was going to commit suicide because she has nothing to live for now that I’ve taken Jeremy away from her. Y’all, I didn’t know this woman existed and she shows up at my job calling me every sort of insult one could come up with. It got so bad the General Manager came out and told the woman that if she didn’t calm down, he would call the police on her.

Meanwhile, I texted Jeremy to tell him his crazy ex was at the restaurant and that I wasn’t going to put up with this treatment. James had me go to the back of the house to help diffuse the tension, but to no avail. Susan kept yelling. And threatening me.

About 5 minutes later, Jeremy shows up, and tries to calm Susan down. She continued to hurl threats at me, and starts to pick up food and plates off of diners’ table and throw them at the glass window. People started yelling. I’m sure someone called the cops.

Susan picked up a steak knife off of one of the tables and slashed her own throat. People screamed. I ran out from behind the window, grabbing cloth napkins on my way to her. I get to her and hold pressure at her neck. She’s fighting me the whole time. Jeremy is standing around being completely useless. The cops arrive and call for an ambulance. They help subdue Susan. Meanwhile, I’m still holding pressure. The ambulance arrives, takes over and wheels Susan out. I look at my hand and there is a cut and I’m covered in blood. It’s 8p on a Saturday night. On a normal night, people are jammed in. Meanwhile, tonight we close early because it’s an active crime scene.

The police question me. And Jeremy. And some of the dinner guests. It’s 10pm. I am exhausted. And covered in blood. Jeremy is a mess; mentally and physically. Then the police finally let us go they turn to me and say, “do you have anywhere you can stay tonight. I don’t think you should be alone. “

James tells the police I am staying with him and gives them his number. Jeremy says nothing,

I walk out with James’ jacket over my shoulders wondering what the fuck just happened and feeling quite certain that everything with Jeremy has exploded like a powder keg on the 4th of July.

Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Train

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