Quick visit to the Edinburgh Zoo

I have always kept a record of my travels.  It used to be with a pen and paper and 35 mm film.  Now it’s all digital. On Flashback Fridays I reflect back on some of my past travels and travel mishaps before I started this blog.

I am an animal lover. Especially of cats. Big cats…house cats…wild cats… Cats will always be my favourite land animal. BUT  I do not live in Africa or India or Siberia or really anywhere the big cats roam. So the only time I get to see a big cat is in a zoo. My little Lucy thinks she’s a panther, and sometimes looks like one, and Christopher is such a scared-y cat, it’s comical. So yeah…no big cats roaming Carolina.

So enter zoos. I love when zoos get it right. I only visit zoos that are a member of the AZA or the WAZA because I respect that they are trying to do the right thing by the animals.  When I read stories of animals dying [like this one where a giraffe died by hitting its head on an overpass] or this one [our local last remaining elephant was being transferred to another zoo that  had other elephants, but she died in transit.  Her death still remains a mystery], it breaks my heart.  Animals are beautiful creatures and deserve the respect of humans.  Any time that respect isn’t given, disastrous consequences can be had for the human, animal, or both.  But I digress…this is about the beautiful and majestic animals, and the Edinburgh Zoo is one of the zoos that get it right.

beautiful, beautiful tiger
cute, cute pandas

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