Care packages to Rwanda are *expensive* but if you feel so inclined to send me a care package, here’s my brand spankin’ new address:

**Sister** Michelle Pryce

P.O. Box 165

Huye, Rwanda

It never hurts to add a few Jesus stickers, too, by the way.

**I have not joined the convent, but customs officials are nosy… and if they think the package is coming to a religious person, it’s less likely to be searched and have items removed.

*Misc. – Amazon Gift Cards –Don’t even need to send a care package for this. If you choose this route, let me know, and I can order things off Amazon, have them shipped to my American address, and have it consolidated into one large care package.

  • Fun Stuff: – Handwritten letters/cards/notes–I love these–guaranteed to brighten up my day
  • Composition notebooks/spiral-bound notebooks – Pens, Sharpies, etc! Back to school clearance sales!
  • Gum
  • Anything to remind me of home/family/friends


  • Granola – Granola bars
  • Any kind of sausage (like the kind you find around the holidays)
  • Slim Jims/ beef jerky
  • Chex MixCheez-Its/Pringles–any crunchy things that [hopefully] won’t get smashed in transport. [Rwanda is severely lacking on the crunch-factor]
  •  Any kind of just-add-water meals  [pasta pouches, mac and cheese boxes, etc.]
  • Soup/sauce pouches
  • Any sort of dry, interesting pastas
  • Salad dressing in a plastic container [I like Italian, Caesar types. :]…also these don’t necessarily have to be refrigerated after opening
  • Bisquik! (The just-add-water/milk kind!)
  • Maple Syrup
  • Ketchup/Mustard [yellow and spicy brown]
  • Parmesan cheese [in a can]
  • Individual serving of condiments [ketchup/mustard/soy sauce/bbq sauce, Duke’s Mayo]