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Sunday Snaps: Postcards from the Grand Canyon

Visiting the Grand Canyon is on nearly every travelers’ bucket list, and for good reason– it is simply amazing. It is one of those must-see places in the world. While not exactly nearby, it doesn’t require a passport, and it is somewhere I definitely should have visited before now. I combined my visit with a trip to Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite National Park, and San Francisco. I would have loved to have more time.  I would have loved to taken a helicopter ride or mule ride through the canyon or even white-water rafted down the river, but alas, all I managed was a 4 day hike.  Still… totally worth it.

along the north kaibib trail

scenes from the grand canyon

Not technically part of the national park, buy Kanab Creek is on the way if you are coming from Utah.  I highly recommend it as a side stop or if you have more time a day trip.

The scenery is amazing.  Trees grows sideways and the colors are fantastic.  It takes a unique environment in order for this to happen, but it’s a perfect example of ‘grow where you are planted.’

A friend of mine recently told me I needed to include myself in more pictures because otherwise they just look like postcards… so here’s one with me in it. You still can’t see my face, but it’s the best I could do without asking someone to take my picture.  Although I could have since one of my group’s members accompanied me on this afternoon stroll.

I prefer solo travel, but I hate having pictures taking of me posing in front of said tourist attraction. Nowadays, it seems as if you didn’t really go somewhere unless you have photographic evidence of yourself at that exact spot.  I suppose I could get a selfie stick in order to pose, but the actual scenery is much more interesting, at least to me, than having myself stuck in the middle of the photograph.

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