The birth of ‘Late Night Dispatches’

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all…

sea lions

Hi, my name is Michelle.  Welcome to my blog.

Late Night Dispatches, is my blog 3.0.

I started blogging way back in 2005, and at some point around 2009-10 I upgraded to a proper wordpress blog. That upgrade happened right before I set off on my big adventure around South America. Then tragically, in 2015, my blog was claimed by an internet black hole. 10 years of blogging–gone.  2005. 2005–when blogging was in its infancy. 2005 — When I first moved to North Carolina. 2006 –when I went to Italy, the Winter Olympics, Rome, Florence, and Naples. 2008– when I moved back to South Carolina.  2010-2011– when I traveled the entire South American continent except Suriname.  2012/3– when I somewhat self-destructed, went to Europe on a whim and was gone for two months, and in 2014-2015 when I decided to make a career change.  A lot of those memories are documented on my other blog that I’ve had in some form for all of my adult lifeSome  of those memories were good; others not so much.

Late Night Dispatches is my Peace Corps blog. I applied in March 2017, interviewed in May, was accepted in July, and am scheduled to leave in February.


bulls island - Copy

Edisto Island, South Carolina

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