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It all began with a list

Not too long ago, whilst cleaning out my closets and going through boxes of ‘sentimental stuff’, I came across a list I had written when I was 15 [horror, gasp!] called ‘My life when I am 30.’ In it were several predictions I had made about how my life would be when I was 30 [and at 15, 30 seems freakin’ ancient], and with impending doomsday my birthday coming up on Wednesday [although I have  passed 30 a few years ago] I thought it would be funny humiliating to revisit some of these predictions.

1. married to a boy that went to PC. [umm, nope…still not married]

2. no children, but a menagerie including several cats, a dog or two, chickens [!], and a rabbit [wtf?] [I currently have two cats–Lucy and Christopher]

3. living in an old house that I bought for $25,000 and fixed up myself [you know, this one is not too far off. I recently bought a house in the country for around $35,000]

4. Working as a high school teacher[?!] and coaching high school volleyball [ummm, no, no and no] making $25,000/year [I think $25,000 must have been the highest dollar amount I could conceive of at the time]

5. Spending my summers traveling [who’s taking care of the animals?] to a different country every year [and really, on a salary of $25,000] This one, however, seems to be the most accurate.

So my visit from my past to my present got me thinking… why aren’t any of those things current. Especially the house thing–what am I waiting for? If I get married, he can live with me.

So with all that in mind, I think it’s high time I get moving on the list.  There’s not a whole hell of a lot I can do about #1.  I just have to be patient and trust that it will happen at the right time. As for #4, I’m not a high school teacher, but teaching is my favorite part of my job.  Right now, Lucy, Christopher and Molly are about all I can manage so I do not thing a menagerie is in my immediate future. As for # 5, I have traveled to 40+ countries since I’ve turned 18, and hope to hit a few more while I am in the Peace Corps.  I’m not traveling half around the world to just visit one other country.

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