Top 25 cities in the world

Conde Nast Traveler has once again posted their Top 25 cities in the world.  And while I haven’t visited them all, I do have a few in  the top 25 covered, and I am proud that a city from my state is rated as one of the top 25 city IN. THE. WORLD.

  • 25.  Barcelona, Spain. Haven’t been there, but want to go.
  • 24.  Venice, Italy.
  • 23.  Melbourne, Australia.  Want to go.  Had a pen pal from there as a teenager and currently work with a guy from there.
  • 22. Paris, France.  Went on a world-wind tour on New Year’s Eve/New Years Day.  I didn’t love Paris, but I’m willing to giver her another chance.
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  • 21.  Lebanon, Beirut.  Intrigues me, but I wouldn’t want to travel solo there.
  • 20.  Seville, Spain.  My favorite professor in college often told me Sevilla  was “la ciudad mas bonita en todo el mundo.”  It was her hometown, and I’ve heard several wonderful things about it.  I can’t wait to go to Spain.
  • 17.  Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  Seems like a cool town, but my southwest experiences are quite limited.
  • 17.  Sydney, Australia.  Want to go here to.  Australia is  SO. FAR. AWAY.
  • 17.  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
  • 16.   Krakow, Poland.  I visited Krakow last January, and was it ever frigid.  But it is a cool city.
  • 15.  Prague, Czech Republic.  Same as above.  I went in January and snow covered Prague is magical.

  • 14.  Kyoto, Japan.  Japan is so far off my radar. I know so little about it.
  • 13.  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I’d really like to spend more time here that just a minute.
  • 12.  Bruges, Belgium.  I made it to Brussels, but not to Bruges.  I’d like to fix that.
  • 11.  Cape Town, South Africa.  I would LOVE.LOVE.LOVE to go to South Africa.  vuvuzelas and all.
  • 10.  Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.  QC is amazing.
  • 9.  Seina, Italy.  I loved Seina.  I think I’d love if more during harvest season.
  • 8.  Rome, Italy.  One of my all time top 5 favorite cities…
  • 7.  Vienna, Austria.  An amazing city with an amazing history.
  • 5.  San Sebastian, Spain.  Once again, I cannot wait to go to Spain.
  • 5.  Charleston, South Carolina, USA.  A city in my home state.  I have been here so many times I sometimes forget how special it is because it’s so close.  It’s also the Friendliest City –3 years running.
  • 4.  Salzburg, Austria.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to Salzburg on my tour of central Europe. Maybe next time.
  • 3.  Budapest, Hungary.  Amazing.  Simply  amazing.

Budapest--started snowing while I was out exploring

  • 2.  Florence, Italy.  Such a cool city to experience Carnivale in.
  • 1.  San Miguel de Allende, Mexico…Little known fact.  I lived in Mexico for a year…not in San Miguel, but I did visit a few times.  It was awesome.

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