Adventures of DJ and M | Part 5 | Refugees

I am less sympathetic toward the plight of the migrants today than I was last week. I’ve never been forced from my home due to war but to turn against those trying to help you might be some small part of why their country is in turmoil. There are more migrants than citizens on some of the Greek islands yet these migrants demand services. They demand passage to Germany. Authorities in Budapest were trying to help by providing shelter, water, and facilities at the train stations, but these migrants wanted more. And they kept coming. It’s gotten much worse since we left Budapest for  Prague. As of yesterday,  police have kicked the migrants out of the train station so that legitimate passengers can use it. The migrants aren’t having it.  So, yeah, tension is rising.

budapest train station

Our train to Berlin was  nearly 2 hours and 45 minutes late getting in last night. It originated in Budapest, then went to Prague. For the first time in 10+ years of traveling, the police boarded the train very near the German border, and checked passports. It reminded me a little bit of when I was hanging out in Zapatista terrority– at least these police didn’t have machetes attached to their hips.

The migrants are now, shall we say, pissed. They are now attempting to block trains from coming and going by standing on the tracks unless they are allowed on them…without a passport… Without a ticket…without any type of security checks. And they all want to go to Germany. Germany. Does. Not. Want. Them. and neither does anyone else after these antics. To riot against the very people who have literally given you shelter, water, and a place to pee because you did get want you “want”, is a bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face. It makes no sense. They are acting like children who got their candy taken away.

Upon arrival to Berlin, people at the station stopped us and asked us about the situation in Budapest. We had just spent three days in Prague so truthfully, we only knew about what had happened on the train. I didn’t realize why until today when I saw the news and saw migrants had been evicted from the station and were rioting on the tracks.

What’s the answer? Idk, but Greece and Italy can’t patrol all the islands that these people are arriving to. Hungary put up a razor wire fence on it’s border with Serbia but it can’t cover the railway which is being used as a highway. Romania isn’t strong enough to police it’s borders. The Austria Hungary border is ground zero. People are trying to get into Austria by any means necessary since they see it as the gateway to Germany.  And people are dying–hiding in truck shells. And refrigerators.

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