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The birth of Adventure Adikt

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all…

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Hi, my name is Michelle.  Welcome to my blog.

Adventure Adikt*, is my blog 3.0.  I started blogging way back in 2005, and at some point around 2009-10 I upgraded to a proper WordPress blog. That upgrade happened right before I set off on my big adventure around South America. Then tragically my blog was claimed by the internet black hole. All those years of blogging–gone.  2005. 2005–when blogging was in its infancy. 2005 — When I first moved to North Carolina. 2006 –when I went to Italy, the Winter Olympics, Rome, Florence, and Naples… and started long-distance dating… 2008– when I moved back to South Carolina.  2010-2011– when I traveled the entire South American continent.  2012/3– when I 1. was accepted to medical school and 2. self-destructed, went to Europe on a whim, checked out, and was gone for two months, and 3. got diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, underwent experimental treatment to treat it, and in 2014-2015 when I decided to make a career change.  Nursing–what was I thinking?

But ha-ha you ungrateful internet, I get the last laugh because I’ve kept a paper journal since I was 13 years old and it was far more detailed than my public life ever was.

I’ve just graduated nursing school; I am heading back to Europe in six weeks for three weeks with a good friend [who is also a nurse and who’s never been out of the country].  Originally, I had planned to hike the Foothills Trail this past May. Oops.  Two broken bones derailed that plan. Additionally, I will have to find a [real] job soon, and start back to school. Recovering from injury is no picnic and I’m learning how to be patient.

Now that I have finished school [for now], I am using this time to work on the blog: change formats, change platforms, and do a major re-design. Additionally, it will have a slightly new focus. In a nutshell, the newly reformatted blog is a [very] vaguely chronological timeline of life events, travel, and mishaps along with some life lessons and musings thrown in for fun.  Life is still life. Adventure is still adventure, and wanderlust is still wanderlust; I’m trying to find new ways of having a bit of each in my every day.

There were a lot of memories documented in those lost pages; some good, others not so good . So I am starting over; people say change is a good thing.


bulls island - Copy

Edisto Island, SC

*Why Adventure Adikt?  I went through a lot of names before I decided on this one.  Somehow, it just fit.  And I like the word adikt better than the word junkie. I seek out adventure–in all ways, traveling to foreign countries to explore history and culture, hiking in my back yard and across the country, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and life in general. My goal is to never stop learning and never stop adventuring… just never stop.


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