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Flashback Friday | 2005 in review

I have never been good a doing a year-in-review, partly because I like to forget the negative and only remember the positive.  It’s said that you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been so with that in mind–the last 53 weeks in review. And yes, I realize that a year has 52 weeks, but the last week of 2004 was a doozy so I’m definitely including it in my review. 2005 was definitely a mixed bag as far as major events goes…High highs and low lows-I’m am looking for a more even keeled 2006.

Let’s review, shall we

December 2004:  technically NOT 2005 but since it happened in the last week of Dec, I’m counting it.  I’ve never been a slave to a calendar anyway.

  • Although we’ve not talked nor seen each other other than professionally since the fall, the fella invited me over to the new house after Christmas for dinner.  I am a sucker for a man who cooks well [Italian mama and all] and can afford the ‘good wine’ and lots of it.  We decided to ‘try again’ and all that entails.

January 2005:

  • I hung a new storm door on the fella’s new house [because I can and he couldn’t] and installed a personalized doorknocker [my gift to him].
  • My dad had a stroke and spent most of the month in Neuro ICU.
  • My routine became very routine:  sleep at hospital on the floor of the waiting room, be up for rounds with physicians, head down to the school to finish my last semester of respiratory school [the irony:  our clinicals are in the same ICUs where my dad is a patient.  I refuse to allow any student to take care of him].  Head over to my job as ‘Hostess with the mostess’ but not before downing a fishbowl or two of margaritas so that I can inure myself to the asinine customers who complain that their ‘view’ isn’t that great.  Head back to hospital after the buzz has worn off and rinse and repeat for three and a half weeks.

February 2006:

  • Have a date with the fella, attend Mozart concert, go to the symphony which makes me think that “this” could work… you know, after I deal with my dad.
  • See the fella out with some other girl… on my birthday no less
  • Have ‘words’ with my dad
  • Get rip-roaring drunk on my birthday, skip two days of school, take advantage of the situation
  • Have desire to castrate ‘fella’

March 2005:

  • Have an interview at Duke Children’s Hospital for a job once I graduate.  Feel the need to ‘get the hell out of town’
  • Receive job offer

April 2005:

  • Move my dad to a rehab facility; consult with hospice
  • We’re still not talking
  • Soldier on through school

May 2005:

  • My dad dies after a week of Hospice care
  • Get rip-roaring drunk again
  • Refuse to go to funeral with ‘family’
  • Sit on the back row for service

June/July 2005

  • It’s a blur as I am doing my student practicum.  36 hours a week for 6 weeks in Peds ICU… working part time at the restaurant and hospital so that I can have some modicum of income.
  • Shut the world out
  • Drink myself into oblivion when I’m not in practicum or working at the hospital…restaurant somewhat encourages drinking (and such).

On my own…

August 2005

  • Graduate (on a Tuesday)
  • Take boards (two days after graduation)
  • Get licensed (on the next Monday)
  • Move to Durham…live in a tiny basement apartment, but rent is only $282
  • Leave Shadow and Spot behind

Oh how I loved and missed my boys

  • Start new job
  • Get deployed to a natural disaster

September 2005

  • Assist with medical relief efforts from Hurricane Katrina
  • Feel overwhelmed at job daily, but love every minute of it

October/November 2005

  • work a lot, learn a lot
  • start talking to ‘blast from the past’ again.  He’s been my ‘fallback guy’ since 2000, and as much as I don’t want to go down those roads again, it’s awfully comfortable and it’s nice to have something familiar when literally everything is new.

December 2005

  • decide on a whim to go to Italy for the Winter Olympics and my birthday–which is only in two months… no previous planning, no real ideas on what to do
  • request 4 weeks off from work, and gets approved

and just like that, it is 2006 and I have experienced all life’s stresses except marriage and divorce in one year.

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