Today just happens to be my birth day.  I just happen to be in Italy.  It happens to be Carnavale.  How is this my life?

You know, I was thinking back to this day last year.  It pretty much sucked.  The lowest of the low. It was the last day I ever talked to my dad.  On my way home from the hospital, I saw my then-boyfriend riding around with another chick in his truck.  Then called him and said ‘what the actual fuck is goinig on?’ We broke up that day. A mere 365 days later, I am in Italy. I’ve been to the Olympics.  I’ve explored a medieval castle.  I’ve consumed more wine than I can remember. I’ve participated in Carnavale in Firenze.  I bought a masquerade mask.


carnavale maks

I took a train ride through the Alps.  I kissed an Italian.  And I still have three weeks left on my Italian vacation.  I’m going to Rome. And Naples. And exploring Pompeii.  Maybe I’ll learn more than a few words in Italian.  Maybe I’ll learn to cook.  Maybe I’ll become a expert wine drinker.  Maybe I’ll ride on a Vespa.  Who knows what will happen.  This I know for sure:

  • Italy is awesome.
  • The Winter Olympics are amazing.
  • The Alps are amazing
  • The history is exciting.
  • The food is orgasmic.
  • Snacks are orgasmic.
  • Gelato is orgasmic.
  • People are friendly.
  • And so full of life.
  • I could probably live here.
  • I could never dress as well as Italians do
  • I could never wear high heels like those Italian women do

But today is my birthday.  And this is what I did…

–>I concocted the best [portable] meal I could conceive of…
a small vat of green olives, a passel of green grapes, fresh bread, chucks of cheeses, clementines, and a large vat of Chianti.  Throw in a view of the Mediterranean and it is quite simply amazing.

–>I took a train from Rome to Sorrento
–>I had an amazing meal




What an incredible way to celebrate another trip around the sun.

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