The definition of isolated

Yesterday I arrived in Leticia, Colombia.  It was a pleasant 90 minute flight from Bogotá, but it is always a bit disconcerting when a landing strip just appears from out of nowhere, but no worries, we landed just fine. While Leticia is a fairly modern city, it is most definitely isolated.

Colombia leticia airport

I am here until for a few days when I take the reverse of the flight that I came in on.  There is only the one flight per day in/out and no roads to anywhere.  [There is one very nice, paved road that comes to abrupt stop about 35 km outside of Leticia.]  So it is fair to say that I am isolated. [It amazes me how there is internet access in the middle of nowhere]  Leticia itself is relatively safe.  The narcoterrorists that remain in the south of Colombia are hiding in the jungles [aka where there is no civilization, there is no policia].  While it certainly is an interesting place to visit, I certainly would not want to live here. I think for me it’s just the feeling of being trapped in one place with no easy escape plan.

Colombia the amazon

Leticia has all of the services one might need and it is a good place to start feeling like I am really in South America [on the flip side, it was nice to get out of the cold that is Bogotá].  The only negative [in my opinion] is that there are mosquitoes everywhere.  Way more that I thought I would see, but I have my DEET lotion, and although I wasn’t planning to start taking my malaria medicine until I reached the Ecuadorian Amazon, I started taking it upon arrival so hopefully I will stay disease free.

I only have 2 goals for my week in Leticia.  1.  Get my visa validated in Brazil and 2. have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in three different countries.  Otherwise, I am planning on enjoying my leisurely stay in the jungle.

An animal after my own heart

I’m not planning on doing a tour because I will be doing a long one near the end of my trip although avoiding the “tour guides” may prove to be quite difficult.  I don’t feel any more unsafe here as a single female than I would as part of a couple/group, and while I will talk to people, I am still avoiding cabs and such.  [If I am going to get kidnapped by a cab driver, I’d prefer it happen at the end of my trip rather than at the beginning, and for it to happen in a less isolated place.  At least that way, I can have some fun in the meantime].

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