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Sunday Snap: Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s wall is a 73 mile long fortress constructed in 122 AD and was finished by 128 AD  by the Roman Emperor Hadrian.  [OK…so of COURSE, the emperor didn’t actually construct the wall, but he demanded his subjects to build it so it’s kinda the same thing.  He claimed divine inspiration for the design and now there’s a wall stretching across the north of England]  The wall is currently a UNESCO World Heritage site.  In addition to serving as a barrier to the barbarians [aka the Scots] to the north, the gates in the wall act as Customs posts.

An interesting side note concerning the construction of the wall: after Hadrian died the next Roman Empire abandoned the wall and built his own wall in what is now lower Scotland.  That wall isn’t nearly as famous as Hadrian’s in part because after his death, the NEXT Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, abandoned that wall, and set up post at Hadrian’s wall.  Hadrian’s wall  remained occupied by Roman troops until their withdrawal from Britain.

Roman architecture always fascinates me especially in the durability category.  Today we have trouble building houses that last for 50 years, yet Ancient Rome built things that are still functional 2000 years later.  Gotta love those Romans.

Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland

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